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It is hard to say when the Charleston progressed into the Lindy Hop, but credit is often given to George "Shorty" Snowden for making the transition. The only known film record is his performance in the 1929 Film "After Seben" in which Shorty is performing some Charleston moves when he breaks open into a one-hand lead which gave rise to a new type of dance - Lindy Hop.

You can also see from some of the film clips listed below that some of the moves from early Lindy Hop migrated into the dances Shag (Speed Shag) and Balboa.

After Seben (1929) with Shorty George.(about 13 minutes into film)

Shorty George (Biography) on Street Swing

Shorty George & Big Bea (1937).

Arthur Murray Shag training film (1937).

Early Lindy Hop Masters

George "Shorty" Snowden (AKA: Shorty George) ... Listing in Who's Who in Swing Dance on the web.

Frankie Manning ... Listing in Who's Who in Swing Dance on the web.

Frankie Manning ... Listing in Wikipedia

Frankie Manning's First Aerial

Demo Videos

After Seban (1929 Movie Dance Scenes)

Shorty George & Big Bea (1937)

Helzapoppin (1941 Movie Dance Scenes): Slim & Slam Alstars featuring Whitey's Lindy Hoppers.

Youtube (1941 Swingout Comparisons of Frankie Manning & Dean Collins)

Instructional Videos

Frankie Manning ... Instructional Videos

Marcus & Bärbl ... Instructional Videos

Johathan & Sylvia ... Instructional Videos

Paul Overton & Sharon Ashe ... Instructional Videos


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